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Rx.Health, BrainCheck partner for digital cognitive therapeutics

Digital health firm Rx.Health, born out of Mount Sinai Health System and co-founded by Ashish Atreja, MD, is partnering with interactive testing company BrainCheck, founded by David Eagleman and spun out of Baylor College of Medicine, to bring BrainCheck’s cognitive and mental health tools into Rx.Health’s RxUniverse platform.

BrainCheck’s digital therapeutics products now will be fully integrated into Rx.Health’s RxUniverse digital medicine prescribing platform, which enables physicians to prescribe at the point of care evidence-based mobile apps, multimedia education, wearables and customized care plans for various diseases, procedures and surgeries.

BrainCheck’s digital technologies provide doctors and patients with a comprehensive understanding of the brain to assess brain performance with neurocognitive testing, said Yael Katz, MD, co-founder and CEO of BrainCheck.

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“Through our partnership with Rx.Health, we are now able to reach thousands of patients and providers in health systems around the world,” Katz said. “This signals a substantial step toward delivering on our promise of making a cognitive health assessment a routine part of healthcare.”

Cognitive impairment and mental health conditions often go hand-in-glove, with depression leading to difficulty thinking and impaired cognition leading to depression. Because both cognitive and psychiatric conditions can lead to decreased quality of life, it is critical to assess cognitive function in all mental health patients, Katz said.

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“If you’ve got your toe in the water of digital medicine, you’re aware that the application of digital therapeutics to cognitive wellness is tremendous and absolutely necessary,” said Pavan Choksi, who heads corporate development at Rx.Health. “BrainCheck not only represents the gold standard in this space, but also shares a similar ethos with Rx.Health as a data-driven company born out of a top academic medical center.”

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