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Call for HIMSS18 Speaking Proposals: Connected Health

HIMSS is accepting speaking proposals for the Digital and Personal Connected Health one-day event on March 5 as part of the Annual Conference. The deadline to submit a proposal is Wednesday, Nov. 1 at 5 p.m. (ET).

The event is a collaboration between MobiHealthNews and the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA).

Digital health’s key value propositions remain the same:

Access – Increasing access to healthcare services for low income, rural, and other underserved demographics.

Strategy – Using apps, smartphones, remote patient monitoring, etc., to meet business goals.

Convenience – Leveraging a consumer-health mindset (convenience versus loyalty) to reach different consumer/patient segments how they prefer – millennials and seniors, for example.

Efficiency – Allowing healthcare organizations to provide more and better services without increasing staff.

Consider these value propositions when submitting your proposals.

But for this year’s event, we are particularly interested in how healthcare organizations are using digital tools not just to monitor but to treat and intervene with patients. How are they deploying telehealth, apps, wearables, activity trackers, and remote counseling, for example, to connect with patients and deliver therapy for depression, maternal health, chronic illness and sleep? What problem did the device solve?

Additionally, healthcare has spent millions/billions developing digital technology, but the adoption rate and evidence of effectiveness lags behind. All proposals must show how the technology solved a problem and demonstrate a quantifiable ROI.

There’s more: Speakers must give attendees a clear view of how these tools have enabled strategic goals, improved care, and increased the organization’s agility to respond more quickly to market forces.

We accept proposals from healthcare payers and providers, government agencies and academic institutions ONLY.  We do not accept proposals from healthcare vendors and consultants.

SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL for Digital and Personal Connected Health

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